Saturday, January 22, 2011

Don't Forget the Lyrics

Jeez, I've been bad with this lately.

Recently, I've been saving up for some cute new stuff, but I can't decide what to get! Well, saving up for me really means not buying anything for a few weeks... But, hey, $150 can go a long way!

But figuring out what I'm going to buy is the least of my problems. Just this past week, I was assigned a project in school titled 'National History Day.' Intimidating title, huh? But it's a huuuge deal at my school. I was paired for with my friend Jess, and we have chosen the topic of mistreatment of patients in asylums. Fitting, isn't it? But it's a huuuuuge project. Just the research is supposed to take three weeks. Mehhhh. So, in honor of that, all of the 'inspiration photos' for today will be dark and creepy. Yay!

Yokohama prostitues, dead roses, Claddagh costume, and lonely scene.

<3 Amy

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