Thursday, July 28, 2011

In this quixotic world, everything is sparkly.

So, this week hasn't been all that great.

First off, I don't have any plans, which is always no fun for me. Then, I had a plan with someone but didn't think I did when they still thought we did so I had to send them away with a rain check. Aren't I a horrible friend? And then I managed to faint twice in the course of 10 minutes for unknown reasons (How perfectly romantic. I feel like a princess.) during a tennis lesson, and managed to cause quite a ruckus. And to top the cake, one of my very best friends is moving to Shanghai, China (tomorrow!), and I'm going to miss him relentlessly. I did have a chance to see him yesterday, however, and that made me feel minutely better. But then I found out that he won't have computer access for almost two weeks, and I'll have to wait until then to talk to him. I became sad again shortly after.

So this is the part of the show where I post some pieces that I am absolutely lusting after and an essence of what I want my wardrobe to look like through pictures while hoping you don't get bored and wander off in the process.

For the V-necks, collars, curled hair, long skirts, and all over old-school girl-ness.

For the bows and innocence.

For the simple glamor and elegance. And big sunglasses. (I have that screen shot from Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn as a huge poster in my room. It inspires me every morning when I get dressed.)

For the bright and borderline gaudy colors, as well as the circle skirts with crinolines.

For the chic greys and blacks, lace, ties, and blazers. And perfectly coifed hair.

For the world traveler/ tree hugger/ flower child vibes, and the gauzy peacefulness.

I've been sort of searching for my style these past few years. I've tried the girly-5 year old look (I looked like a girly 5 year old), I went for the hope is dead look (I lasted about a week before I got sick of black) and I've tried the bitchy-Aberzombie approach, and none of them really suited me. Because of this, I ended up having about 50 some styles in my wardrobe with no real identity hidden the clothing. Random candles and scented sea salt, yes. Identity and power, no. Right now, I'm really loving the old-school vibes. Skirts with crinolines, saddle shoes, t-straps, high waisted bell bottoms, waist coats, the works. So, I'm thinking of I combine that with a lot of classier pieces, like strings of pearls, blazers, cameo pins, lace, lots of tights, and all, it'll all sort of come together. We'll see.

Watch for the sequel.

<3 Amy

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's just another case of mind over matter.

So, I don't know if anyone noticed, but I have an unusually unhealthy addiction with 50s and 60s clothing. Which is why I spend a heck of a lot of my time watching movies and musicals set during that time. And why I enjoy looking up stuff from this era on Etsy and eBay. So, these are some of my current obsessions.

I love the gentle elegence of the circle skirted dresses with crinolines.

Oh, and another one of my current obsessions?

Vintage box cameras! I love them. They are so cute and chic. Plus, I love the look of vintage photos. The flaws in the images give them personality. I want one so badly, and they are pretty reasonably priced on Etsy, but I'm afraid I'm going to end up cheaping out on the film and developing them. So. We'll see.

<3 Amy

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just close your eyes and describe it to me.

A photograph of the Orion Nebula, by Gerogiy Surutin.

Rosette Nebula, Surutin.

Open star cluster, Surutin.

CED 14 emission in Cepheus constellation, Surutin.

Andromeda Galaxy, Surutin.

I don't know about the people reading this blog, but I find astronomy really fascinating, just like my friend Jess. I'm not quite sure why Jess is into astronomy (maybe one day she'll tell me), but I love the color and patterns that you find in them. I mean, just look at those photos! It's funny how sometimes you can see the clothes in the inspiration. I can practically see a Betsey Johnson dress in this. Or a pair of one of the more colorful Manolo Blahnik shoes. Or maybe a Marc Jacobs collection. Do you see it? Or do you see something else? Your favorite shade of lipstick in the Rosette Nebula? Your mother's prized pearl necklace in a constellation? Personally, I think it's really fun to hear what different people see or think when the all see the same thing. Everyone could smell a mint spring (a divine smell, I must add), and they'll all see something a little different.

Inspiration in the works, eh?

<3 Amy

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I wanted you to know me.

I really love to shop. Some people need food and water, but I need a mall. And, I haven't stepped foot in a mall in over a month, so I was incredibly happy when my mother decided to take my sister and I over to Mayfair the other day. I didn't buy a huge amount of stuff, but I did stop at Delia's and Hollister and get some things. "Hollister?" You must be thinking. "You shop at Hollister?" Yes, I know that I rave about the Aberzombies and Hollinazis, but I do shop there for basic stuff. Plain t-shirts, floral skirts, etc. I saved the jean shopping for Delia's, because I was in desperate need of black and white ones. When I came home, I had purchased two floral skirts, two pairs of jeans, and a green t-shirt. Please don't judge, because I usually don't shop this simply.

Other recent purchases; Since I haven't been blogging in a while, I figured it would be helpful to update, because I got this AMAZING pair of Cole Haans when I was in Chicago a while ago. I got them at the Nordstrom rack, so they only ended up being around $50, and they are the oxford style that I've been looking for. I also got a blazer about a week ago that is totally made of navy lace. It's really unusual, and I'm really looking forward to find as many was to wear it as possible.

And then, I was browsing through this upper end resale store(not entirely Gucci or anything, but they have a standard for the clothes that they pick out, so you usually recognize the brand names you see in there) when I found all of these amazing brooches, that sort of look like the picture below.

Personally, I love it. I've loved these silhouette pins and brooches forever. I think I have a Forever 21 necklace somewhere with a fake version on it, but those break so dang easily. Plus, I've always wanted one of the pins.

I've been browsing through some vintage sites online, and a majority of the pins like this can range from $400-700, which I was flabbergasted by. Mostly, because the pins at this resale store are all under $40. I need to go back and pick some up! I think one would look absolutely excellent on the lapel of a blazer, namely a navy lace one.

All for now.
<3 Amy

Monday, July 18, 2011

Christian Dior

Christian Dior was by far my favorite collection this season. Let's start by taking a look see at the entire show. Sorry about it being in two pieces, but all of the single videos were very low quality.

Wow. Just wow. I mean, what I show. Now, is it just me, or is this show absolutely perfect? Capes. Velvet. Wide brimmed hats. Fur. Riding jackets. Lace. Leather. Brooches. Pendents. Put it all together, and you get a dreamy romance story with a sultry heroin. Karlie Kloss should have rode in on a black horse, and I would have been absolutely convinced.

Okay, looking at these pictures, can't you see some bad ass princess escaping her castle prison and becoming an outlaw for love? Maybe I'm delving into this a little too much. But I love it still. It's so quixotic and romantic, in that Gothic way that makes excellent action movies. And then, as I was watching, these three images from my database popped into my head.

Don't ask me how CD made me think of that second one. My mind works mysteriously.

Claddagh costume, unknown source, and sad woman with vase.

All for now, guys. I am officially back. :D
<3 Amy

Silent killer.

Okay, as much as I raved yesterday about the mainstream fashion mag's tendencies, I have to give Vogue a little bit of credit. I mean, if I didn't read Vogue I would never have found Dasha Shishkin, this adorable Russian-born artist whose bold paintings have blown me away.

How excellent are they? I don't know why, but they make me think that this would be the result if Marc Jacobs, Tavi, and Lady Gaga had a threesome and drew their orgasm on paper. It's that excellent. The colors alone are so vibrant, I don't even want to get into the subjects of the paintings. I just love Dasha now, and I'm definitely going to follow her progress.

This just reminds me of some other photos in my computer's many picture folders that I was drawn to because of the color.

Pictures from Everything Style, Kelly Framel of The Glamourai, and Astronomy Picture of the Day, respectively.

Alrighty. Well, I'm off the mall for a much needed shopping trip. Til we meet again.
<3 Amy

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catch me like a cold.

I love those little bitches who you think are your friends and then turn around and stab you in the back.

That's immediently what I thought when I first started reading magazines.

Personally, I thought I'd be opening up mini-fashion bibles when I started reading Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Teen Vogue, Elle, etc. But then I realized that half of them end up just being half fashion, half other random stuff, and half celebrity gossip. And yes, these magazines do have three halves. I was a little disappointed with this, because really. I want to see fashion on the covers of these magazines, not a bunch of celebrity women trying to make themselves sound good during the interviews.

Is that really all that fashion is now? Something to wear on the red carpet? Yes? No? Because I was under the impression that it was supposed to have to do with the whole 'self expression' mumbo-jumbo. Wearable art, that can interperted by whomever and translated into their own style. But now it's just become a mosh pit of which celebrity is wearing whose clothes, and whether or not it flatters their Photoshopped and airbrushed bodies. Because that wasn't what I originally thought.

Alright, that's enough with my ranty ranty time. Now I'm going to browse through photographs of Christian Dior (bye bye, Galliano) and Malandrino's Fall collections, because they make me happy.

I'm planning on getting back into this blog, so stay tuned for updates.

<3 Amy

Monday, July 4, 2011

How to shoot at someone who outdrew you

Hehe, I'm feeling a little ashamed about the fact that I haven't posted on this blog in months. MONTHS, I say. I would apologize, but due to the absense of posts, there has also been an absense of readers! How embarrassing.

Already it's July! Oh, dear, dear me. That means that summer vacation is a third of the way over. But since it's Wisconsin, the good weather didn't actually start until, like, yesterday. And of course, my parents are freaking about me (their oldest child) to go to high school. Then, as I predicted, they gave me this whole lecture on how it is great that I care about how I dress, but chances are there won't be a huge fan base of looking like you actually looked in a mirror that morning. I told them about the sweat-pant epidemic, and they immediantely joined me on the dark side.

Now, one of my less-fashionable friends (who believes that wearing a P!ATD shirt is original, asked me a little while ago, 'Amy, how do you dress the way you do? Like, how do you come up with outfits?' Well, that's an excellent question, my loves. How do you come up with a perfectly posh outfit, fit for only a chic woman (or man), or a Karl Lagerfeld devotee? This is an issue I will delve into next post, as we go through how I personally assemble outfits and transition them to the different seasons. Featured; vintage elbow length gloves, Free People wool coats, Betsey Johnson herringbone tights, and mint green dresses. Gotta love it.

All for now, loves.
<3 Amy