Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sea of Shoes Contest Entry!

Here it is! Finally! Sorry about the poor quality of the image... There is a lot more color in it in real life that you can't see. :( Just scroll on down to Stupid is as Stupid Does to see the real life-runway picture.

Thanks for reading!
<3 Amy


Day 2 of Spring 2011

Today (as the title of this post suggests) I'll be talking about Malandrino! Love this collection! You'll notice that I sort of have the pictures separated into two parts. And they're kinda small. Apparently this is Blogger's version of large. Nothing I can really do bout that. Anyways, they are separated into two parts. And this isn't just because there are a lot of looks in this collection (there were 36, but I picked out 24 for this post). It mostly you could sorta... see the obvious differences.

In this picture, there are lots of neutrals.

In these photos, there are lots of different colors in more watercolor-y prints. Okay, we're done with the obvious.

I reeeeeeally like this collection. Not only is the whole show cool (instead of having the models walk down a runway, they Catherine Malandrino had them stand on pedestals, which makes sense with her whole inspiration thing, which I'll get to in a second), but the clothes were amazing too. I especially love the macrame leather knee high gladiators. The designer was inspired by a rare vase by French artist Roger Capron. Some defining features in this collection; macrame, beads, and watercolor prints. They all work quite nicely together with the chunky necklaces that look like they strung a meteorite onto a peice of leather. Which would be cool. Also; there are a lot of sheer fabrics. Didn't mention that. :P

The models all have very sleek, side chignons (which I'm going to need to try one of these days instead of a pony tail. They're a thing of the past).

I looooooves me all the huge medallions and necklaces. Lovsie love love. It's a wonder(ful) that the models don't fall over from the weight. Thank God they, don't though, because they pull together all of the looks.

My favorite look of all is this one.

I very much so like the colors. And the chignon. And the necklace. It's the type of thing that makes you stop in your tracks and say 'oh my god I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed that! *pull out credit card now*' and yes. I do want this. Very much so. Butttt I think the Coach gloves and Dolce and Gabbanna shoes are more attainable. Yes?

Alrightayyy. That's all for today.
<3 Amy

P.S. I FORGOT. My picture for the contest! I will post it when it's done drying! Yeah, I put some watercolors on it. Just the colored pencils wasn't doing it for me. But you will see it! I gaurentee!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Burberry Prorsum

Okay, now that I've got my collections in order, we can start talking about Spring 2011! Since there are obviously a lot of looks in each show, I'll be doing one or two designers per day, and just cut out the looks that don't really demand attention.

Today; Burberry Prorsum

Wowza. That's pretty long. Longer than I expected. I'm gonna have to arrange them in MS Paint or something next time, because that is NOT gonna work.

Anyhow, I like Burberry Prorsum because of it's hard edge-rock and roll feel. I don't like it because I feel like I'm watching the same thing on the runway over... and over... and over... I mean, let's try something new, you know? Instead of the grungey feel alllll the time, let's try something white and innocent for a change. Just add a studded belt, or a skull clutch. Something that says 'BURBERRY!' without following the same guidelines. Let's think outside the box a little!

Anyhow, I really liked the jackets in the collection. Their play on trenches and peacoats I loooooove. Especially the ones with the black vertical ribbing and the patterns on them. Want it!

Lotsa leather. Dark makeup. Bright lighting. I can see that coming home from a rock concert in London look, but... It just lacks spark, ya know? There wasn't even one look in this that just said OMFG LOOK AT THAT. It's just oh, that's sorta cute... but didn't I just see this exact same thing, like, three months ago in a magazine?

Well, Burberry Prorsum was a bit of a disappointed, but hey, what can you do?

More tomorrow.

<3 Amy

Stupid is as stupid does.

I. Feel. Like. Such. An. IDIOT.

I realized right after creating that masterfully crafted post a couple days ago, that I was doing Fall 2010 when Spring 2011 collections had already started coming down the runway. GRAWWWWWWWWWR. Urg.

Anyhoo, I was on Jane's blog (Sea of Shoes) the other day and found out she's having a contest! Yayerz! You pick your favorite look from the Spring 2011 runway and draw a picture of it. Then, you scan it into your computer and send it (and a picture of the original) to her email. Fun fun fun! I'm doing this Betsey Johnson dress. I love the veins of electric blue. Reminds me of those neon markers we'd fight over with other kids in the first grade.

I'm not quite done with my picture yet. It's a work in progress. I'll probably be done later tonight. I'll definitely post it when I'm finished.

Post more later!
<3 Amy

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Okay! Today I actually managed to sum up the energy required to make a post that actually has to do with real fashion! Yayerz!

News of the day; got new sun glasses! Cole Haan! I was looking at a pair of Mui Muis... but the Cole Haans won. Sorry, Prada!

Was on the fashion network again today, and found some amazing fall/winter 2010 shows! Here are some of my favorites.

First up is DSquared (right above this). I just love DSqaured. Period. No questions asked. Love them love them love them. I love DSqaured enough to put them in my side bar. That's how much I love them. I hate the prices, though. Hate hate hate.

Anyhow, on to What-Amy-Likes-About-This-Show.

I really like the usual Gothic vibes that are DSquared. For instance, these insane shoes with the vertebrae heel (which you can see with some of the looks if you look closely).

The sudden sparkle of the big-wig bling is enchanting. Literally. I bet you could hypnotize someone with those things.

My favorite look is probably the black, floor length dress with long sleeves. It looks so plain, but the then the model turns around and BLAM there goes the sparkle. The conservative front is sort of deceptive. The back does a deep plunge, with a sparkly rib cage in the middle. Love.

I really like the overall look of this show. The back drop, the clothes (duh), the makeup, the lighting (which makes the girls look pretty pale overall). They all look sort of... dead. But DSqaured gives it that kind of edgy-ness so it's not just 'I'm Dead!' It's 'you-killed-me-bitch-but-I'm-back-oh-look-a-shovel-WHAM.' So, that's my interpretation.

Even though this has nothing to really do with the clothes, I saw Chanel Iman in that show! Love that girl!

Next is Vivienne Westwood! I just love this show because of the whimsicality of it! It's so random! The hair is all poof-y and... yeah. And there's a pair of what look like patterned cotton chaps??? It reminds me of a circus. In a good way, ya know? I'm watching the show again right now and I'm just like WAAAAAAAH COLOR PATTERN COLOR SPARKLE PATTERN SPARKLE BIG HAIR VISUAL OVERdrive. Enough said.

Now for Dolce and Gabbana (which I'm still unsure how to pronounce). I love the cozy sweaters. :3 And the sparkly stuffies. It made me want to put on my zebra print robe.

Last up is BluGirl. I've never actually heard of this line before, but then I saw this show. Now I'm in love! All the light-ish colors with the furs make me think snow queen. Or ice princess.

Just had to put that in there.

All for today, luvs!
<3 Amy

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Two times the fun

Okay, I know I already posted today, but I found this video and couldn't resist.

Veronica B. Vallenes SS11 by Simon B. Mørch & Sebastian Ottenstein from Sebastian Ottenstein on Vimeo.


Okay, NOW I'm done.

Freezer burn

Popular. I don't really understand that term. After years of arguing with my parents about the exact definition, I've finally look it up on and this is what I got. Nothing. It says that there is no such thing as popular on Well, that says something, doesn't it?

Something else I realized today? Uggs really are Ugg-ly! Who wudda thunk? Maybe I've said that in the past (then again maybe not. after about two hours of something happening everything blurs together) but I really mean it today. I mean I know it's Wisconsin, but shouldn't we at least control ourselves and keep the boots inside the closet at least until Holloween rolls around? I am thinking so. Well, I guess I can't totally critize the brand worshippers, because I was the first person in my school to own a pair of Uggs. Shocking, I know. More shocking is the fact that even though people will get teased about where they buy their clothes, people still wear the ugliest damn shoes I've ever seen. Uggs? Suede clogs? But you can't wear heels without getting incredulous looks? GAAH. But now the bugly boots are back. What to do, what to do? At least we aren't wearing Crocs. Yucky.

Moving on.

Alrighty. First one up is a picture of the Nothern Lights, or Aurora Borealis if you're a science nerd, in Norway. I love the mixture of different colors, and the movements you see in them if you watch videos. Never seen them, but it's on the bucketlist.

Next up is a picture of a girl, duh, wearing nude colored clothing. I don't know why, but I kinda like it. Despite the garters and no pants thing, the mixture of the early morning lighting with model/person/girlie being a blondie dressed in very soft colors in a soft pose is just very innocent and sweet. It reminds me of my six year old neighbor, whom I adore. Except for her love of Hannah Montana. The annoys me to bits.

The next one is a huge jump from our dew covered innocent. This one is very dark and dramatic. I love the exagerated shoulders on the jacket. Love love love. There are something I might kill for. This may be one of them.

I just like the flowy shirt/fringe bag in this one. It's sorta hippy-ish. Sorta. And the blouse reminds me of a photo shoot that was in Teen Vogue this past spring.

Next up is a veggie stand. I don't really know why I felt compelled to put this in here. Maybe I just like my veggies. Weird.

That's all for today. I luvs ya.
<3 Amy

P.S. I saw some comments on my last post! :D That made me extremely happy! You guys made my day!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I need to stop borrowing books from my friends.

My friends are good at scaring me. Not I-just-watched-a-slasher-film-so-now-I'm-afraid-of-my-own-shadow scary, or even DUDE-you-just-jumper-cabled-me. More like creepy-hobo-in-a-big-city scared. Well, I guess that's more slasher-film-y. Maybe the words WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE is more what I'm going for.

Let me explain. I was reading a book (no surprises there. anyone who knows me will know I read lotsa books). And then my friend(s) approach me saying 'Ammmyyyyy! You, like, GOTTA read these books. Remember that stupid British movie called Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging where everyone was a sexgod and nunga-nungas was apparently a common term? Well, my older sister had the books and they're hilarious! READ THEM OR DIE. Oh, and look at that! Our science teacher has read 'em too! Now you KNOW you have to read them or she'll give you... the look (dun dun dun)."

Okay, maybe they didn't say that exactly, but now I'm being forced/forcefully told to read books with the titles of 'Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal SNOGGING,' 'On the BRIGHT SIDE, I'm Now the GIRLFRIEND of a SEXGOD,' and 'KNOCKED OUT by my NUNGA-NUNGAS.' My thoughts? What. The. Hell.

Ah, well, might as well read them. I'm so afraid of the box, they're actually calling to me. Can you hear them? Amy! Amy! Read us, Amy! READ US! But no. I shall stick to my guns and finish reading Catching Fire (second book in the Hunger Games series! Yayerz!) before I challenge the sexgods with nunga-nungas. Sounds like a cross between Percy Jackson and the Olympians (demigods, sexgods, close enough) and Twilight (mostly because of Richard Pattison's man boobs).

Anyhow, on to the fashion-y part of this blog! Hallelujah! I bet you're glad. I've got some more cool pics to-day. Hopefully I'll have some things from fashion week sometime soon?

I'm actually not quite sure what it is... but I like the design of the first one! It might be a cosmetics bag? Or a tea tray? I dunno. But I liked the bunny+watercolors and it reminded me of a nature journals class I took. I hated that class. But I love this picture. How ironic.

The second picture is just cool. I'm just sorta gravitating towards grundgy stuffies. :3

This third picture is a skeleton man necklace (duh) that some lucky blogger (whose link I shall post when I'm done with my post) got off of eBay for eight bucks. THAT'S NOT EFFIN FAIR. Cuz I want it. And I totally wouldn't wear it in October. I'd wear it in June. Or January. Or any month other than October.

Last picture is a pair of Chanel booties that are hideously cute. See what I did there? I'm not sure if I really like the Chanel logo plastered all over it, but I do like them all the same. They're no Louis Vuitton booties, but I'll settle. And I just like the toenail polish. Haha.

That's all for todayz!
<3 Amy


Monday, September 20, 2010

Dead Man's Chest

Alrighty. Until some more spring collections are releashed (or I stop being lazy and actually start taking pictures of things), I'll be sorta having randomish posts. Not that they weren't random already. O.o

Alrighty then. Our first picture is a grafitti-ed elevator that looks TOTALLY AWESOME although I doubt the tenants of whatever building this is really enjoy it. Or the land lord. Next up is a recent Chinese lingerie add with a look-alike of Princess Diana that apparently has caused some controversy. I just love how it looks! After is a smudgy drawing that I seriously stared at for 20 minutes. And after THAT is a picture of my friend Emy. I found it on her facebook (yes, I'm an addict) and she said it was okay if I posted it on here. :3 I just love her face in black and white! And those glasses just look amazing on her. She's my little gothic princess. A little pixie gone bad and trapped in a still life FOREVER *echoes* andeverandeverandever.

Alright. Now I got the crazies out. Hope you enjoyed my post.
<3 Amy.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

This isn't the end, it's just the beginning... of the end

Okay, I was pretty much on tumblr all day today look for cool pics. Some that I got pictures from (mostly boring science blogs) are Science is Beauty and Fresh Photons.

Why did I like these pictures? Well, the first one I just liked the color. It reminds me of the Tangy Citrus airfreshener that I have sitting on my desk. It sorta looks like an orange, doesn't it? The second picture I just thought looked like a highfashion ice cream cone. Not the actually ice creamy- goodness, but the cone. It could happen! Maybe? The picture after that I picked because I love the pattern! It looks like lightning! I would totally buy a scarf with that pattern and FLAUNT it! The random falling rock and the skeleton... I dunno, I was attracted to them unto the point of a heart attack.

Alrighty, that's all I got for the moment. More soon!
<3 Amy

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Globe Theater Presents...

"'Tis true, for those that she makes fair she scarce makes honest, and those that she makes honest she makes very ill- favoredly."
Celia, in Shakespeare's As You Like It.

One of the first pics on this blog to be taken by me! It's a tad smaller than I anticipated, but it'll do. In this photo; antique silk scarf, antique gold cross necklace, Born shoes, antique gold watch, Lancome eyeshadow in Copper Rush, antique wood bead necklace, antique gold heart ring with diamond, antique floral beaded necklace, leather bound war bond and wallet register (antique, duh), some antique costume jewlrey, an old black and white photo of my great great aunt and her husband, Howie, and a random amythest rock that I got from a rock quary for a field trip in 3rd grade.

So, today's post is sorta a whimsical. Well, not that picture, but the next one will be! You see, I'm trying to sorta make a sorta serious/antique-collage, and a sorta fun, whimsical, I-just-got-attacked-by-a-box-of-crayons sorta collage. In a moment you will be able to see that one as well. And when I say 'moment,' it took me a half an hour (minimum) to make each of these. I'm not kidding. So you better like it. Please comment if you do. If not... still. Comment. Please. Thank you. Okay, moving on.

Okay, so, as you can see, the amount of stuff in this picture... is a lot! We have: Ed Hardy shoe, thrifted little bag, handpainted jewlrey box (I got it in Austria, FYI), Harajuku Lovers perfume in Music, conch shell necklace (Nasseu), Smackers lip balm in cherry, a pig light, American Eagle fingerless gloves, Def Leppard vintage guitar picks, hacky sack, Marvel Heroes taffy in sour apple, two thrifted scarves, a flower candle (got in St. Maartan), Io?Ion! watch, some pennies, O.P.I. nail polish in Pamplona Purple, some blue and purple crayons, a silly necklace that someone got me as a gag gift for my bday, a random shell, glow in the dark nailpolish (green), and cubiczerconia earrings (Kohl's)(purple). Oh, and a smiley face coin bank. With a knitted red hat. I think that's everything.

Hope you liked my collages of organized randomness!

Have a great day!
<3 Amy

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If Pigs Could Fly, We'd Have a Problem

Random pictures/clothes that I thought were amazing today.

The dresses are from Tokyo's fashion week, 2009. The corset is by Roberto Cavalli. Random art.