Monday, May 28, 2012

Haven't You Heard? And Other Stereotypes

Has anyone else noticed the fact that this year's Fall collections have just been so... boring? Usually I look forward to Resort and Fall/Winter collections more than Spring/Summer, simply because Spring/Summer shows have the typical florals, lace, pink, frills, and all the other stereotypical "feminine" qualities that apparently should be associated with spring and rebirth. It seems those shows are often repeats of trying to create this Garden of Eden meets Alice in Wonderland meets Cotton Candy aura that might have been dreamy the first few times around, but have gotten to the point of receptiveness that I'm simply bored. The designers are welcome to attempt to create that perfect Candy Land feel if they are inclined, but I'd be more partial to paradise if it was less Disney princess typical and more of a savage rebirth. Think Avatar. I mean, don't get me wrong. I don't have a problem with your typical pastels and light, airy, breezy, etc. "spring colors," I just hate it when this curvy beach goddess pretending to be some sort of wood nymph marches down the runway.

If we're going to to princess, can we please do less fairy godmother and tulle? More the vintage lady deal? I'd enjoy that more.

See, this is something I can understand. A soft look. However, there can more of an aura of innocence rather than this need to include every single color that I can find at the local nursery. I'm more about texture rather than color.

Which brings me to my disappointment about this year's Fall/Winter. In season, it's less about showing skin and looking good doing it, or creating that fairy tale. These later shows tend to have more of a hard edge. Less pastels, more neutrals. More variety of texture, opposed to the seemingly endless tulle. Bring on the heavy brocades, velvets, accentuate them with hints of lace, fur, leather, corduroy, tweed, heavy wool. Leave me in this rich no-nonsense world. Given, color to me is something that isn't dependent highly on the season. But Fall often brings those deep reds, Burgundy, navy, emerald, amethyst, sapphire, burnt orange, slate, powerful browns. Colors with dimension. This is what I look forward to.

But today, I was perusing this seasons shows and while there were a heavy reptilian influence in this season, with the typical heavy presence of furs, I was disappointed to find that all of my favorite things about Fall has been replaced by black. Grey. Black. More black. It was so repetitive. I shall continue the search, but so far I am yet to find a show that pleases me.

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