Monday, December 27, 2010

By any other word would sound as sweet

Merry Christmas! (at least, to all that celebrate it)

The days surrounding Christmas are always so busy! For some reason my parents wanted to shopping on the day before Christmas Eve, although all of us were done with our gift hunting. Go figure. Don't get me wrong, I love the mall, but waiting in insanely long lines to buy a J. Crew headband an a couple of books is not my cup of tea. After ten minutes in an unmoving line, the headband was left behind. Ah, well. I fulfilled my mallers hunger to buy something by stopping at good ole Barnes & Noble to pick up copies of Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Why, say you? William Shakespeare was my favorite unit in English. It only lasted a month, a majority of which was spent writing our own sonnets. I walked into that store... and they were just calling to me. Then I got $75 worth of Barnes & Noble gift cards. Oh, irony.

Then... Christmas Eve. Ended up totally overdressing for service (why do I have to go to a church that is known for casual dressers???) and almost fell into a snow bank. Last time I'm wearing four inch heels in the winter.

Awesome thing about my parents; they allow my younger sister and I to open all of their presents (and the ones to each other) on Christmas Eve, and then we open presents from aunts/uncles and grandparents the next day.

After our two present opening sessions, I was a Dolce and Gabbana knit scarf, two Coach bags, a Vogue subscription, many books, two coats (free people and abercombie), and two perfumes (Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Euphoria by Calvin Klein) richer.

The bottles are both beautiful, but I think that Daisy's whimsicality overpowers Euphoria's taco-ish appearance. (sorry, Euphoria) Although, I have to say that Euphoria (at least to me) smells much better. It even knocks Viva la Juicy out of first place in the category of 'favorite perfume.' I'm usually very picky about perfumes; I usually find that they aren't sweet enough for me. And, really, what 13 wears a musky smelling perfume? Not me, at least. And I can't really use a majority of my mother's perfumes because they all smell like something a 50 year lady would wear. Besides... all the ones worth I've deemed worth wearing, I've stolen already. :K (these include Vera Wang, Pleasures by Estee Lauder, Sensi by Georgio Armani, Tresor by Lancome, a few without labels, and a handful of sample bottles)

Sorry that I'm running a little late on my review. (I'll be doing Ann Demeulemeester) I have a little 'reunion' with my Red Oak buddies. Red Oak is a writing program out here, and over the summer I took a course at Ten Chimneys. I became really good friends with the kids in my writing circle, but we haven't seen each other since late July! We are getting back together on... Thursday? Yeah. Thursday. And I haven't been writing very much. So... Yeah. I need to work on that. :*

<3 Amy

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