Friday, December 17, 2010

The wallflower type

I wonder sometimes... Is it really possible to be the anti-fashion, and also be... fashionable at the same time?

Let's get something straight. I will read Seventeen, and Teen Vouge, and Marie Claire. And, I've got to admit that they have something going for them, and appeal to more people since they go more for the average street style. Sort of. At my school, the average is sweatpants and oversized hoodies with Uggs. (shiver) (and I'll get back to this in a little bit)

I understand that things go in and out of style (I doubt even the anti-fashions would attempt a mullet), and I'm totally for changing things around every once and awhile, and having some sort of... standard set for fashion. But then the whole 'Fashion Police' and 'Dos and Don'ts' sort of turn me off. Isn't fashion supposed to be art? (but wearable, which makes it soooo much better)Aren't clothes supposed to be your way of just expressing yourself to the world? Then, how is it that the same magazines that ramble on about how fashion is a form of self expression, and that you should try to show yourself in your clothing, also try to set rules and regulations on how you should dress? And, really, does that make them any better than the said girls in sweatpants that gossip and critique others depending on where they buy their clothes, and whether they look fat? You can't really critique someone about not dressing the norm, when you look like you just rolled out of bed and changed pjs. Oh, but they're Pink! And they're soooooo comfy! Honestly? I really don't think anyone gives a damn.

Fashion, and style is supposed to be art, that you can show off any given day of the week, just because it makes you feel happy. We've already covered the fact that I'm completely obsessed with that Viktor and Rolfe collection with all the insane dresses. Who couldn't be?

Urg. Now I'm reading over this, and I'm realizing that most of it's just random venting about the issues in middle school society, where the few possess much intellect, while the masses posess little except for sharp tongues and icky sweats. That is all I have to say about this topic.

Congratulations if you've read this far without falling asleep, exiting out of this page. You've managed to survive the rambling of a thirteen year old.

Hopefully next time, my post will be a little more... interesting, and not just a bad therapy session.

<3 Amy

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