Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Artist Colony

It's funny how inspiration works. When I was younger, I'd always thought 'I don't need to be inspired! Inspiration is a lotta BS! You can't tell me to look at a painting and tell me to go write something that the painting 'inspires.' It doesn't work that way.' Until recently, I thought inspiration didn't make sense. People with their inspiration books of random pictures and quotes, and then they would 'use that' to write something, or draw something, or design and outfit. I'm a big blog reader, you know, and Tavi Gevinson (author of Style Rookie)has started posting pages from her inspiration journal that she has scanned into her computer.

And recently, I think I've begun to understand inspiration. I was flipping through an issue of Allure and found sort of a 'Naughty or Nice' spread with different makeup looks based on princess/villan. After studying these couple looks for a while, I got up and raided my mother's jewlrey box for all 'princess-y' peices I could find. For about a week after that, I was wearing a ton of soft colors and lacy patterns. After that, I sort of realized the point of inspiration.

But it's not just pictures that can inspire you, it's words too, right? And since I'm going to count music as words, I'll share some songs that I've really liked.

Thanks for reading. :)
<3 Amy

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