Friday, August 20, 2010

A long after continued post.

Well... I don't have much time, so I don't want to start something new (who new getting a new boyfriend would be so much dang work! *hint, hint* (-:) so I guess I'll elaborate on the John Galliano post that I published almost a week ago. Daaaaaaaamn I've been a bad girl. :) That reminds me of the Telephone music vid by Lady Gaga!

Beyonce; You've been a very bad girl. A very, very bad, bad girl, Gaga.

Another favorite line from that video is said by Miss Gaga herself; You know what they say, once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger.

I guess it's sorta random, but it sorta makes sense, right? Once you've done half the job, you need to finish what you've started... Gosh, I'm off track today!!!

Anyhow, I sorta just dropped the ball last post. Cultural, the clothes move. Ooooh goodness. I was thinking a bunch more than that when I was watching the show.

As I said, it all looks very cultural. The embroidery and stiching detailing starting at the hemlines (like the 1st look) and working their way upwards (3rd look). The furs that sort of carried on throughout. And the accessories. If you watch the 3rd look, you'll see the zoom on the gorgeous belt that almost looks like leather and bones woven together. Love love love.

These aspects along with the warmer fabrics work nicely with the hair and makeup. I immediantly thought 'Asia!' and then 'Winter!' There was so much to process! I watched the video about six times in a row, and I still keep seeing new things! First time, I was just seeing if I could use it for a post. The next time I see the movement of the skirts.

Anyhow, most of this stuff isn't the most wearable, like the big skirts with the deep pockets, but most of the jackets, shoes, dresses, and acessories I would definitely like to own!

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