Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Veronique Leroy

Alrighty, I know it's still August 10th, but after I was finished with my first blog post, I happened to be watching the Fashion Network (which you must look up if you haven't heard of it) and saw Veronique Leroy's recent Fall/Winter show. I very impressed with the collection. I have tried many times to embed the show in this post, but it won't work for me. :-( Just an excuse for you to go onto fashionnetwork.com!

In my opinion, the first few remind of the 6th grade Medieval Fair, when we got to do a bunch of projects about the middle ages and present a 'fair' to the rest of the school. Well, we also got to dress up (can you say 'fashion show?') and the outfits for the beggers/peasents were seriously potatoe sacks with holes for one's head and arms. That is what some of these things look like. After the first few walked the runway (and after that horrible stumble!) I began to enjoy some of the emsambles, including these.

I'm sort of a jacket (namely blazers, trenches, and peacoats) person, so I absolutely love the jackets from the bottom two. The middle one if a big... baggy (for lack of a better word) for my taste, but I still am completely in love with it. I like the large black buttons against the grey fabric. The collar is also very chic. The second jacket I also love (obviously). It's great that it's paired with such a silk-like skirt (it seems almost like liquid in it's movements, therefore it reminds me of silk) because it's so structured. Nice balance! The somewhat severe shoulders I also enjoy. I just like the print of the first dress. Almost reminds me of the classiness of the collections seen in the movie Coco Chanel, a movie about the fashion icon Gabriella 'Coco' Chanel. It was an excellent movie, I do recommend it, by the way.

I also loved the textured scarf seen in almost all of the looks. It looks so darn soft! Adds a nice pop to some of the plainer pieces. I also love the repitition of the white pumps, although the models did look very wobbly-limbed despite the fact that the heels really don't look that high! But hey, I'm not wearing them, so I guess I can't really critique.

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed my more fashion-orientated post! Maybe next time we'll see me in some outfits of my own? :o We'll see...

<3 Amy

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