Sunday, August 8, 2010

Enter Amy

Enter Amy. I guess I'm new on the fashion scene. Well, not completely new. I'm the type who is obsessed with spending their time stalking famous blogs (Sea of Shoes, Style Rookie, Fashion Toast, etc.), reading your average cookie cutter teen fashion mags (Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Elle Girl, etc.), and trying to find a way to dress like I want to without getting too many stares, like Tavi probably does. You see, at my school there is one acceptable style and one style only. And that is looking like an Abercombie mannequin. The more expensive the better, and your range of stores is Hollister, Abercombie & Fitch, and PINK only (Aeropostle just became a borderline unacceptable this past year). Miss Me jeans and anything Coach are also must haves. Come winter, you wear Uggs (the UGG-liest/comfiest shoe on the planet) or you die. Bearpaws not allowed. But, then again, maybe that's middle school? Or maybe not? Is it time to change my style to look more blog-worthy, or more like... whatever the people at my school wear? What to do, what to do?

But I'm here, which I suppose is important. Starting is the first step. I'll try to put more interesting outfits on here (vintage white gloves, anyone?) and post often (once a week at least) to (hopefully) keep you guys interested. If there is anyone reading this. That's a scary thought. Posting every all the time on a blog and having no one read it? If that's the case for most people, why are these blogs here? Why not just make them public-online-diaries? But, then agian, that would probably just be a Leafless Diary, wouldn't it?

Real post later.
Luv ya all.
Amy :)

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