Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love like woe

Oh. My. Goodness. I am such a slacker! This is my fourth post this month! MY FOURTH??? WTF??? It's the 16th for crying out load. Goodness. That averages out to one post for every four days. Let's hope that number will go up, shall we?

I've recently been taking a cue from the Glamourai (Kelly Framel) and have been redecorating my room with the color scheme of black, white, silver, gold, and brown. And blue. By parents refuse to let me paint my walls white, so I'm stuck with draining all color from everything but the walls. Ah, well. It's coming along nicely. This past weekend I got some different odds and ends (bookends, hourglass, pencil holder, table lamp, jewlrey hooks, picture frames, etc.), but I still have so much still to get! Right now, the list comes to a desk lamp, a floor lamp, a reading chair, a pillow for said reading chair, a bedside table, and some postersize black and white pictures of my friends to cover up the paintings of flowers that ended up on my walls oh, so many years ago. I don't think I liked it then either, because I started covering them up with posters and shelves of stuffed animals.

I've just been sort of bored lately, and have been spending a lot of time on Polyvore. Here are some of the collages I've made. They don't really make sense, and they don't look all that great, but it's more about the stuff in them, ya know?

39,900 JPY - mirabella.jp
Somarta blouses »

Alexander McQueen Studded Novak Bag
1,265 GBP - brownsfashion.com
Leather handbag »

53 AUD - thegrandsocial.com.au

Lace prom dress
199 GBP - karenmillen.com
Halter neck dress »

290 GBP - kurtgeiger.com
Glam shoes »

290 GBP - kurtgeiger.com
Punk shoes »

Large Black and Red Flower Pin
$595 - alexisbittar.com
Brooches »

TWILL Red Scarf & Keychain
$205 - pret-a-beaute.com
Red scarves »

Juicy Couture Logo

I made other ones as well, but some are even worse, and others I didn't actually end up publishing. Ah, well. Off to do my homework. Spanish homework+WKCE Testing+me=torture.

Post tomorrow (hopefully)
<3 Amy

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