Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Pieta

I'm sort of sad, mainly because of two reasons.

1. Views and comments are down by a lot.

2. The Christian Louboutain shoes I was dying to get on the OutNet just sold out in my size.

Please remember that I do enjoy hearing from you guys! Please comment! See a necklace you like? Comment. Don't agree with my opinion on a fashion show? Comment. Just want to say hi? COMMENT. I'm a writer. I thrive on feedback. So please. Feed the monster. :[

Anyway, found this creepy little... thing in my mom's wardrobe. Thought it might actually be enjoyed by someone here on the internet, so I figured it was worth a post.

It's sorta out of focus, cuz I was in a hurry to take this photo, and my hand was shaking. O.o Don't ask me why, cuz I am not sure.

So. Yeah. That's all I really got today. I'll try to have little more for you to read next post, and I'll hopefully talk about my trip to Chicago (yeah, I did a weekend).

Until then, dearies.
<3 Amy

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