Sunday, November 28, 2010

Team Jacob, Bitch

Okay. Today I have five things.

1. Go over to Sea of Shoes NOW and ogle at Jane's recent post of pictures of her bedroom. Look. At. All. Those. Shoes. It's insane. If you're being lazy and can't find the energy required to drag your cursor over to your search bar, here is the link!

Yes, so, I haven't been blog stalking a little while (shocker!), so I've been getting back into the swing of things. So, I read my usuals (The Glamourai, Karla's Closet, Style Rookie, Vanilla Scented, Fashion Toast, etc.) and I finally get to Sea of Shoes. First I'm freaking out over how incredibly THIN that girl is (which you can see in her Zebras and Alligators post) and her gorgeous Norma Kamalli coat. (below)

Isn't it beautiful? I'm sort of into that whole old school vibe; poufy skirts with tucked in loose tops with a belt at the waist. It gives you the ultimate hourglass silhouette, doesn't it?

2. O.P.I.'s Tease-y Does It. Got a pedi in that color and it's so pretty! It's almost a chocolate brown with flecks of red (amount other color) sparkles...

Anyway, it looks purple. No duh, right? Which brings me to pedicures... Since my finger nails are uber short because I play piano (yes. one of my many talents), they look really scary which I paint them. Which leaves my little toesies. Yes. That is a new word. I enjoy pedicures because they can even make my mother's feet look attractive. It's really quite an accomplishment. PLUS the little foot massages they give you are divine. :)

3. Betsey Johnson. Ever since I entered that little drawing contest over at Sea of Shoes, I've been absolutely obsessed with Betsey Johnson. Her dresses are so colorful, and vibrant on the runway, and the ones she has for sale on her website are so fun and flirty. I want one for my grad dress more than anything! Here are some of my favs from the website.

The last two are my favorites. :D And just now, I noticed it's the same model in all of those pictures... Coincidence? Probably.

4. Rupert Sanderson. Since I've started stalking the Outnet, I've noticed some of his shoes popping up. And I LOVE them. Particularly, I love these two(which come in my size, and cost a little under $300 a pair on this website).

Aren't they lovely? I'd wear them with anything! Except for... Never mind. I'd wear them with anything.

5. Clique eyeliner in Starry Plum. Got this eyeliner a few weeks ago, and I'm back for more. Such a pretty color with brown eyes, and it doesn't go on too dark. Great for smokey eyes as well, because it smudges pretty easily. And, it's less than $15 at Sephora, Macy's, or Boston Store! Go figure!

Annnnd I think that might have been the most amateurish type blog post I've ever written. Ah, well. It makes up for all the days I haven't been posting. My bad. :3


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