Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I wanted you to know me.

I really love to shop. Some people need food and water, but I need a mall. And, I haven't stepped foot in a mall in over a month, so I was incredibly happy when my mother decided to take my sister and I over to Mayfair the other day. I didn't buy a huge amount of stuff, but I did stop at Delia's and Hollister and get some things. "Hollister?" You must be thinking. "You shop at Hollister?" Yes, I know that I rave about the Aberzombies and Hollinazis, but I do shop there for basic stuff. Plain t-shirts, floral skirts, etc. I saved the jean shopping for Delia's, because I was in desperate need of black and white ones. When I came home, I had purchased two floral skirts, two pairs of jeans, and a green t-shirt. Please don't judge, because I usually don't shop this simply.

Other recent purchases; Since I haven't been blogging in a while, I figured it would be helpful to update, because I got this AMAZING pair of Cole Haans when I was in Chicago a while ago. I got them at the Nordstrom rack, so they only ended up being around $50, and they are the oxford style that I've been looking for. I also got a blazer about a week ago that is totally made of navy lace. It's really unusual, and I'm really looking forward to find as many was to wear it as possible.

And then, I was browsing through this upper end resale store(not entirely Gucci or anything, but they have a standard for the clothes that they pick out, so you usually recognize the brand names you see in there) when I found all of these amazing brooches, that sort of look like the picture below.

Personally, I love it. I've loved these silhouette pins and brooches forever. I think I have a Forever 21 necklace somewhere with a fake version on it, but those break so dang easily. Plus, I've always wanted one of the pins.

I've been browsing through some vintage sites online, and a majority of the pins like this can range from $400-700, which I was flabbergasted by. Mostly, because the pins at this resale store are all under $40. I need to go back and pick some up! I think one would look absolutely excellent on the lapel of a blazer, namely a navy lace one.

All for now.
<3 Amy

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