Monday, July 4, 2011

How to shoot at someone who outdrew you

Hehe, I'm feeling a little ashamed about the fact that I haven't posted on this blog in months. MONTHS, I say. I would apologize, but due to the absense of posts, there has also been an absense of readers! How embarrassing.

Already it's July! Oh, dear, dear me. That means that summer vacation is a third of the way over. But since it's Wisconsin, the good weather didn't actually start until, like, yesterday. And of course, my parents are freaking about me (their oldest child) to go to high school. Then, as I predicted, they gave me this whole lecture on how it is great that I care about how I dress, but chances are there won't be a huge fan base of looking like you actually looked in a mirror that morning. I told them about the sweat-pant epidemic, and they immediantely joined me on the dark side.

Now, one of my less-fashionable friends (who believes that wearing a P!ATD shirt is original, asked me a little while ago, 'Amy, how do you dress the way you do? Like, how do you come up with outfits?' Well, that's an excellent question, my loves. How do you come up with a perfectly posh outfit, fit for only a chic woman (or man), or a Karl Lagerfeld devotee? This is an issue I will delve into next post, as we go through how I personally assemble outfits and transition them to the different seasons. Featured; vintage elbow length gloves, Free People wool coats, Betsey Johnson herringbone tights, and mint green dresses. Gotta love it.

All for now, loves.
<3 Amy

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