Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just close your eyes and describe it to me.

A photograph of the Orion Nebula, by Gerogiy Surutin.

Rosette Nebula, Surutin.

Open star cluster, Surutin.

CED 14 emission in Cepheus constellation, Surutin.

Andromeda Galaxy, Surutin.

I don't know about the people reading this blog, but I find astronomy really fascinating, just like my friend Jess. I'm not quite sure why Jess is into astronomy (maybe one day she'll tell me), but I love the color and patterns that you find in them. I mean, just look at those photos! It's funny how sometimes you can see the clothes in the inspiration. I can practically see a Betsey Johnson dress in this. Or a pair of one of the more colorful Manolo Blahnik shoes. Or maybe a Marc Jacobs collection. Do you see it? Or do you see something else? Your favorite shade of lipstick in the Rosette Nebula? Your mother's prized pearl necklace in a constellation? Personally, I think it's really fun to hear what different people see or think when the all see the same thing. Everyone could smell a mint spring (a divine smell, I must add), and they'll all see something a little different.

Inspiration in the works, eh?

<3 Amy

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  1. Very inspirational indeed :) I feel like a dork when I try to explain why I love astronomy so much, so here is a hand clap... *clap!* I like astronomy because of what it is..if that makes any sense. There will probably be a future post about it, so be ready. P.S. I see a lovely blouse in the Orion and the open star picture reminds me of that one Betsey Johnson dress in the Spring/Summer 2011 collection that you drew a picture of a few months ago(really descriptive, right?).