Thursday, July 28, 2011

In this quixotic world, everything is sparkly.

So, this week hasn't been all that great.

First off, I don't have any plans, which is always no fun for me. Then, I had a plan with someone but didn't think I did when they still thought we did so I had to send them away with a rain check. Aren't I a horrible friend? And then I managed to faint twice in the course of 10 minutes for unknown reasons (How perfectly romantic. I feel like a princess.) during a tennis lesson, and managed to cause quite a ruckus. And to top the cake, one of my very best friends is moving to Shanghai, China (tomorrow!), and I'm going to miss him relentlessly. I did have a chance to see him yesterday, however, and that made me feel minutely better. But then I found out that he won't have computer access for almost two weeks, and I'll have to wait until then to talk to him. I became sad again shortly after.

So this is the part of the show where I post some pieces that I am absolutely lusting after and an essence of what I want my wardrobe to look like through pictures while hoping you don't get bored and wander off in the process.

For the V-necks, collars, curled hair, long skirts, and all over old-school girl-ness.

For the bows and innocence.

For the simple glamor and elegance. And big sunglasses. (I have that screen shot from Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn as a huge poster in my room. It inspires me every morning when I get dressed.)

For the bright and borderline gaudy colors, as well as the circle skirts with crinolines.

For the chic greys and blacks, lace, ties, and blazers. And perfectly coifed hair.

For the world traveler/ tree hugger/ flower child vibes, and the gauzy peacefulness.

I've been sort of searching for my style these past few years. I've tried the girly-5 year old look (I looked like a girly 5 year old), I went for the hope is dead look (I lasted about a week before I got sick of black) and I've tried the bitchy-Aberzombie approach, and none of them really suited me. Because of this, I ended up having about 50 some styles in my wardrobe with no real identity hidden the clothing. Random candles and scented sea salt, yes. Identity and power, no. Right now, I'm really loving the old-school vibes. Skirts with crinolines, saddle shoes, t-straps, high waisted bell bottoms, waist coats, the works. So, I'm thinking of I combine that with a lot of classier pieces, like strings of pearls, blazers, cameo pins, lace, lots of tights, and all, it'll all sort of come together. We'll see.

Watch for the sequel.

<3 Amy


  1. Beautiful, I wish my wardrobe looked like all of these pieces

  2. These pictures are all so amazing. I'm totally coveting that red and white polka dot 1950's dress! =)