Monday, October 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen

After the devastating suicide of Lee McQueen, I felt a little bitter going through these pictures. It seemed sort of... impossible for Sarah Burton (the new creative designer for the brand) to live up to the image/ standard set for McQueen. But, I feel like she did capture the essence of the line in the show. Of course, the line didn't quite meet the bar set by Fall/Winter 2010 (but then again, Lee actually designed that collection), but I was pleasantly surprised to see that Lee McQueen's style was not lost in the transition of designers. For example, here are some of the Resort 2010 looks that I liked. Yes, 2010, because this is the first season Burton was designing.

I like this jacket to the nth degree! Nice color, and the odd take of the peacoat is esquisite. The over exagerated pocket detailing is wonderful. It's almost like a shirt dress. But a coat.

Mmmm I love everything about this one. The combination of the belt, and collar/sleeve look very... Asain? Yeah. Asain. Now I know what it reminds me of! The version of As You Like It. That movie was pretty amusing to watch, but the directers did pretty well with the transition of moving the setting from Europe to colonial Japan, of all places.

I like this because of the skirt, and the fabric.

Okay, onto this season's collection.

I like how the show sorta starts out with blank canvas type pieces. Ya know, just plain white clothes. Then it moves on to the fun, bold printed items. I just love the ones with the same prints in that little collage up there. So fun!

Ahhhhh ball gowns! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Big, fluffy and elaborate! :DDDD The one with the peasant feather skirt is sooo awesome. But it's sorta sad to think how many birds were killed to make it.... :( Ah well. Art is art.

All for now!
<3 Amy

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