Sunday, October 3, 2010

Viktor and Rolf

Spring 2011 post three; Viktor and Rolf

There is a lotta repition in this show, which I actually like. I usually don't (which you discovered during my ranting about Burberry Prorsum), but in this collection I do. Weird, huh?

One of the big points in this show were the shirt dresses. As you can see, some of them in this collection are just the same pattern with different fabrics. Personally, I'm a fan of the sheer white one over black. I'm also loving the striped orange one. It's funnnnn. :)

More repitition

And my favorite part of the show! THESE FREAKING INSANE DRESSES! You are gonna need to see the bigger pictures of these dresses to fully understand what I mean.

Look at those! LOOK AT THOSE!!!! How can you NOT be astonded??? They're insane! That first one has like, five freaking cuffs on each sleeve! AND three or four collars! And at least four layers to the skirt!!!! THAT IS WHAT I MEAN WHEN I SEE CLOTHES MAKE ME HAPPY AND ARE ART!!! My obsessive love for these dresses cannot be explained in words. I will do a Tavi and write a nice long love letter to these dresses later in the week. Haha.

And when I was looking at those dresses I thought of these two things; The card people things from Alice and Wonderland (ANIMATED VERSION) and Marie Antoinette. I liked that movie, by the way. The Marie Antoinette one, not Alice and Wonderland... I especially liked the dresses and costumes and such.


See how the dresses are all awesome and poofy and fun and over exaggerated and stuff? Yeah. I like that. :D

All for today!

<3 Amy

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  1. Viktor and Rolf make art, wow xx