Saturday, October 23, 2010

Remember me

Bad, Amy! BAD, Amy! How could you forget to post on this blog? HOW COULD YOU??? Honestly, I just haven't been all that enthusiastic about fashion lately... But I went shopping today! :D Only got two things; A pair of Kathy Van Zeeland shoes, and a French Exchange sweater. When I wear them together I look like a pimped skate boarder. The shoes are sneakers (I was debating getting a pair of super cute heels, but they were so high, they were sorta slutty, so I decided against it) and they are a sort of gray camo print on the sides with a clear sequin overlay to give a more feminine edge. The sweater is just a forest green/charcoal gray stripe hoodie. together, about a $180 purchase. :3 I'm expensive. I really wanted to get this red cashmere sweater, because my winter wardrobe is sort of lacking right now. :P But, I figured that a 13 year old who needs to get some of their outfits drycleaned is a leeeeettle over the top, don't you?

I would post pictures, but for some reason my camera has been on some weird setting so all of my day pictures just look plain creepy.

Urg I feel like my inspiration folder is running sorta low, so unless I'm gonna start repeating pics (WHICH I'M NOT) I'll have to work on filling it back up. Anyhow, enjoy these ones.

Not very many, I know, but as I said, I'm running out of pics. Whoops. Can't find the links to the sites, so I can't post those either. I feel so out of it.

All for today.
<3 Amy

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