Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear God. Make me a bird so I can fly, far, far away from here.

Uh. I've just been sooo completely out of it this past week. My budget (and diet, for that matter) have gone the tubes within a few days, the homework is piling up, I was sick yesterday, and I am utterly fed up with everyone and everything. I was annoyed that the band kids had consortion practice all day today. I'm mad that I have to actually pack a cold lunch (which was in the said diet) for a field trip to a musical that won't even cut that much into actual school time. I'm mad that nothing in any of the Spring 2011 collections seem to have any pop, sparkle, pizazz! It's just one of those Me vs. World weeks.

That was a good movie, by the way. Saw it with some friends when it first came out. I was pleasantly surprised, considering that it was based on a comic book.

Anyhow, this isn't a movie review blog, yes? Well, I'm not exactly going to pull a Tavi and disappear for a couple weeks, leaving only a picture of a pair of unwearable shoes to fill in the gap. So, I guess the posts won't be quite as frequent, but I don't plan on disappearing entirely. But, since I don't have much runway material to work with, I believe I'll just have an inspiration post today. I AM PLANNING TO HAVE AN OUTFIT POST SOON. Just an fyi. Oh, before I forget, I've decided to actually save up some money and buy something nice for a change. Unlike me, I know. I'm down to these things, but I'm unsure of the purse because the site I'm getting it from seems a bit seedy.

Exhibet A. Dior handbag. (On sale at
Fresh Style Drops
for $345)

Exhibet B. Christian Louboutin shoes. (On sale for $525 on, originally $1,050)

Exhibet C. Burberry handbag. (on sale at
Fresh Style Drops
for $299)

Exhibet D. Alexander McQueen leggings. ($210)


Okay, only the 'inspiration.'

Yummy looking cookies
, an awesomely printed envolope, and a a creepy doll that reminds me of those troll doll things that were all the rage when I was, like... four. I remember owning one. *Shiver*

Alrighty. That's all for today. Hope you enjoyed my blog. :D
<3 Amy

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