Saturday, October 2, 2010

Double Chocolate Chunk

Hello all.

I was reading over my post on Malandrino, and realized that one of the real reasons I liked that particular show was all the chunky accessories.

Since then, I've noticed that I've really been craving chunky necklaces and bangles.

Love those necklaces. I wonder where I could get one. Or two. Or two hundred and fifty two. If it were a facebook status, I'd like it.

Book lovers rejoice! We shall sing in the streets, at one with the fashion designers, feeling as one and and at peace. Yeah. That would be my prediction.

I love the whole cocktail ring thing, but I can't wear the darn things because of my tiny toddler hands. I just look like a little kid that just went through their mother's jewlrey box... Plus I can barely bend my fingers.

I like layering up on the bangles/watches/other random crap you can put on your arms. It reminds me of when I was a PA (Program Assistant) at the Girl Scout Camp this past summer. Us PAs would have yards and yards of lacing in our pockets, just so we'd have something to do with our hands. We'd make loop bracelet after loop bracelet until our arms were covered with them. I had them up to my elbows on each arm. So I probably had around... 30. In one week. That's a lot. I got pretty quick at making them though.

It ALSO reminds me of those Io!Ion? watches. What drives me nutz is that I have the REAL THING and people just assume that I have the ones that you get at Kohl's because they came out with knock offs so quick, no one can tell the difference between the real thing and a fake. Grawr.

I was also on The Glamourai Shop today, and found myself attracted to these peices. Darn the one-of-a-kindness of them, because it means that they are expensive!!!

This one is awesome for obvious reasons. $245 at The Glamourai Shop

I just love the sort of webby- sort of Elizabeth I look. I like this. And it's puuuuuurdy. $475 at The Glamourai Shop

Not only does this one look cool, but it has a purpose! The little vial can actual hold liquid (more precisely, purfume). WANT IT. $285 at The Glamourai Shop

This little (or big) bib is excellente! Lovesies the metal flowers and chains. <3 $375 from The Glamourai Shop.

I am now debating whether to buy a new purse from this site

I need to find out if this stuff is legit or not. Because I don't want to buy me a fake. But, I was looking on the site and found a cute Burberry bag, and my friend Jess found a cute silver Louis Vuitton bag. On this site, the bags cost the same as the necklaces on The Glamourai. Time to put the thinking cap on!

All for today, loves!

<3 Amy

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