Thursday, September 30, 2010


Day 2 of Spring 2011

Today (as the title of this post suggests) I'll be talking about Malandrino! Love this collection! You'll notice that I sort of have the pictures separated into two parts. And they're kinda small. Apparently this is Blogger's version of large. Nothing I can really do bout that. Anyways, they are separated into two parts. And this isn't just because there are a lot of looks in this collection (there were 36, but I picked out 24 for this post). It mostly you could sorta... see the obvious differences.

In this picture, there are lots of neutrals.

In these photos, there are lots of different colors in more watercolor-y prints. Okay, we're done with the obvious.

I reeeeeeally like this collection. Not only is the whole show cool (instead of having the models walk down a runway, they Catherine Malandrino had them stand on pedestals, which makes sense with her whole inspiration thing, which I'll get to in a second), but the clothes were amazing too. I especially love the macrame leather knee high gladiators. The designer was inspired by a rare vase by French artist Roger Capron. Some defining features in this collection; macrame, beads, and watercolor prints. They all work quite nicely together with the chunky necklaces that look like they strung a meteorite onto a peice of leather. Which would be cool. Also; there are a lot of sheer fabrics. Didn't mention that. :P

The models all have very sleek, side chignons (which I'm going to need to try one of these days instead of a pony tail. They're a thing of the past).

I looooooves me all the huge medallions and necklaces. Lovsie love love. It's a wonder(ful) that the models don't fall over from the weight. Thank God they, don't though, because they pull together all of the looks.

My favorite look of all is this one.

I very much so like the colors. And the chignon. And the necklace. It's the type of thing that makes you stop in your tracks and say 'oh my god I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed that! *pull out credit card now*' and yes. I do want this. Very much so. Butttt I think the Coach gloves and Dolce and Gabbanna shoes are more attainable. Yes?

Alrightayyy. That's all for today.
<3 Amy

P.S. I FORGOT. My picture for the contest! I will post it when it's done drying! Yeah, I put some watercolors on it. Just the colored pencils wasn't doing it for me. But you will see it! I gaurentee!

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