Saturday, September 25, 2010


Okay! Today I actually managed to sum up the energy required to make a post that actually has to do with real fashion! Yayerz!

News of the day; got new sun glasses! Cole Haan! I was looking at a pair of Mui Muis... but the Cole Haans won. Sorry, Prada!

Was on the fashion network again today, and found some amazing fall/winter 2010 shows! Here are some of my favorites.

First up is DSquared (right above this). I just love DSqaured. Period. No questions asked. Love them love them love them. I love DSqaured enough to put them in my side bar. That's how much I love them. I hate the prices, though. Hate hate hate.

Anyhow, on to What-Amy-Likes-About-This-Show.

I really like the usual Gothic vibes that are DSquared. For instance, these insane shoes with the vertebrae heel (which you can see with some of the looks if you look closely).

The sudden sparkle of the big-wig bling is enchanting. Literally. I bet you could hypnotize someone with those things.

My favorite look is probably the black, floor length dress with long sleeves. It looks so plain, but the then the model turns around and BLAM there goes the sparkle. The conservative front is sort of deceptive. The back does a deep plunge, with a sparkly rib cage in the middle. Love.

I really like the overall look of this show. The back drop, the clothes (duh), the makeup, the lighting (which makes the girls look pretty pale overall). They all look sort of... dead. But DSqaured gives it that kind of edgy-ness so it's not just 'I'm Dead!' It's 'you-killed-me-bitch-but-I'm-back-oh-look-a-shovel-WHAM.' So, that's my interpretation.

Even though this has nothing to really do with the clothes, I saw Chanel Iman in that show! Love that girl!

Next is Vivienne Westwood! I just love this show because of the whimsicality of it! It's so random! The hair is all poof-y and... yeah. And there's a pair of what look like patterned cotton chaps??? It reminds me of a circus. In a good way, ya know? I'm watching the show again right now and I'm just like WAAAAAAAH COLOR PATTERN COLOR SPARKLE PATTERN SPARKLE BIG HAIR VISUAL OVERdrive. Enough said.

Now for Dolce and Gabbana (which I'm still unsure how to pronounce). I love the cozy sweaters. :3 And the sparkly stuffies. It made me want to put on my zebra print robe.

Last up is BluGirl. I've never actually heard of this line before, but then I saw this show. Now I'm in love! All the light-ish colors with the furs make me think snow queen. Or ice princess.

Just had to put that in there.

All for today, luvs!
<3 Amy

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