Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Burberry Prorsum

Okay, now that I've got my collections in order, we can start talking about Spring 2011! Since there are obviously a lot of looks in each show, I'll be doing one or two designers per day, and just cut out the looks that don't really demand attention.

Today; Burberry Prorsum

Wowza. That's pretty long. Longer than I expected. I'm gonna have to arrange them in MS Paint or something next time, because that is NOT gonna work.

Anyhow, I like Burberry Prorsum because of it's hard edge-rock and roll feel. I don't like it because I feel like I'm watching the same thing on the runway over... and over... and over... I mean, let's try something new, you know? Instead of the grungey feel alllll the time, let's try something white and innocent for a change. Just add a studded belt, or a skull clutch. Something that says 'BURBERRY!' without following the same guidelines. Let's think outside the box a little!

Anyhow, I really liked the jackets in the collection. Their play on trenches and peacoats I loooooove. Especially the ones with the black vertical ribbing and the patterns on them. Want it!

Lotsa leather. Dark makeup. Bright lighting. I can see that coming home from a rock concert in London look, but... It just lacks spark, ya know? There wasn't even one look in this that just said OMFG LOOK AT THAT. It's just oh, that's sorta cute... but didn't I just see this exact same thing, like, three months ago in a magazine?

Well, Burberry Prorsum was a bit of a disappointed, but hey, what can you do?

More tomorrow.

<3 Amy

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