Friday, September 17, 2010

The Globe Theater Presents...

"'Tis true, for those that she makes fair she scarce makes honest, and those that she makes honest she makes very ill- favoredly."
Celia, in Shakespeare's As You Like It.

One of the first pics on this blog to be taken by me! It's a tad smaller than I anticipated, but it'll do. In this photo; antique silk scarf, antique gold cross necklace, Born shoes, antique gold watch, Lancome eyeshadow in Copper Rush, antique wood bead necklace, antique gold heart ring with diamond, antique floral beaded necklace, leather bound war bond and wallet register (antique, duh), some antique costume jewlrey, an old black and white photo of my great great aunt and her husband, Howie, and a random amythest rock that I got from a rock quary for a field trip in 3rd grade.

So, today's post is sorta a whimsical. Well, not that picture, but the next one will be! You see, I'm trying to sorta make a sorta serious/antique-collage, and a sorta fun, whimsical, I-just-got-attacked-by-a-box-of-crayons sorta collage. In a moment you will be able to see that one as well. And when I say 'moment,' it took me a half an hour (minimum) to make each of these. I'm not kidding. So you better like it. Please comment if you do. If not... still. Comment. Please. Thank you. Okay, moving on.

Okay, so, as you can see, the amount of stuff in this picture... is a lot! We have: Ed Hardy shoe, thrifted little bag, handpainted jewlrey box (I got it in Austria, FYI), Harajuku Lovers perfume in Music, conch shell necklace (Nasseu), Smackers lip balm in cherry, a pig light, American Eagle fingerless gloves, Def Leppard vintage guitar picks, hacky sack, Marvel Heroes taffy in sour apple, two thrifted scarves, a flower candle (got in St. Maartan), Io?Ion! watch, some pennies, O.P.I. nail polish in Pamplona Purple, some blue and purple crayons, a silly necklace that someone got me as a gag gift for my bday, a random shell, glow in the dark nailpolish (green), and cubiczerconia earrings (Kohl's)(purple). Oh, and a smiley face coin bank. With a knitted red hat. I think that's everything.

Hope you liked my collages of organized randomness!

Have a great day!
<3 Amy

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