Monday, September 20, 2010

Dead Man's Chest

Alrighty. Until some more spring collections are releashed (or I stop being lazy and actually start taking pictures of things), I'll be sorta having randomish posts. Not that they weren't random already. O.o

Alrighty then. Our first picture is a grafitti-ed elevator that looks TOTALLY AWESOME although I doubt the tenants of whatever building this is really enjoy it. Or the land lord. Next up is a recent Chinese lingerie add with a look-alike of Princess Diana that apparently has caused some controversy. I just love how it looks! After is a smudgy drawing that I seriously stared at for 20 minutes. And after THAT is a picture of my friend Emy. I found it on her facebook (yes, I'm an addict) and she said it was okay if I posted it on here. :3 I just love her face in black and white! And those glasses just look amazing on her. She's my little gothic princess. A little pixie gone bad and trapped in a still life FOREVER *echoes* andeverandeverandever.

Alright. Now I got the crazies out. Hope you enjoyed my post.
<3 Amy.

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